Roma 3-0 Udinese | Veretout Brace Helps Roma Climb To Third! | Serie A TIM 

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A first half double from Jordan Veretout and a late Pedro strike helped Roma claim all 3 points against Udinese to see the Giallorossi climb to third in Serie A | Serie A TIM
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14 Fev 2021



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Comentários 100   
Arie Laviola
Arie Laviola 11 dias atrás
Copy paste by atalanta formation and strategy
Michael Adeyemi
Michael Adeyemi 12 dias atrás
You be forgiven for writing off Veretout after his Aston villa days
Gohar Makaryan
Gohar Makaryan 12 dias atrás
Sella Angraini
Sella Angraini 12 dias atrás
Masak daging, dagingnya alot. Daripada kantong garing, mending maen slot 🤭 Gue maen di mayan sih bisa jekpot walopun modal awal cuma 20K. Asli retjeh banget kan modalnya?
Hakob Matevosyan
Hakob Matevosyan 12 dias atrás
Forza Roma KING Micki 🇦🇲💪🇮🇹🤗😶
Ryan Flower
Ryan Flower 12 dias atrás
what music at the end of match ?
Raja 13 dias atrás
it says due to period of inactivity the page has been deleted..somebody hlp..i need to claim o khan by my efootball points
Tengku Syafiq
Tengku Syafiq 13 dias atrás
Roma was so underrated this season.. Hope they will made a come back in ucl next season 🔥
AREL HAE 13 dias atrás
The background sound is blink 182 ,,
Thomao 13 dias atrás
Yacht Rock anthem at the end.
Thomao 13 dias atrás
Yacht Rock anthem at the end.
CORE Gaming
CORE Gaming 14 dias atrás
Mohd Amirul
Mohd Amirul 14 dias atrás
can't wait for zaniolo make a comeback
Армения Армения
Mkxitaryan 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲✌️
V H 14 dias atrás
Mkhitaryan super...👍👍✊✊
Alfonso Ramos
Alfonso Ramos 14 dias atrás
Grande ROMAAAAAA💛💛❤❤🐺🐺💪💪
Tomasz Dubaj
Tomasz Dubaj 14 dias atrás
Lupi Polacchi I ♥️love Roma
daniel faizal
daniel faizal 14 dias atrás
I just realized all the highlights videos duration were 4:14
jonbudi 14 dias atrás
Forza Juve
Luca :D
Luca :D 14 dias atrás
Esauro88 14 dias atrás
Ma che rigore è quello per la Roma!?!?!?
Don Papi 09
Don Papi 09 14 dias atrás
Veretout should be in the French squad for the Euros.
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi 14 dias atrás
Udinese didn't look too inferior and they shouldn't play bad like this, i don't know where is their spirits for several weeks ago...
Lav Klni
Lav Klni 14 dias atrás
Mkhitaryan everywhere,.. almost in any attack Bravo Mkhitaryan 👏👏👏💪👊
Zurkarnaen Abdullah
Zurkarnaen Abdullah 14 dias atrás
Mikthitaryan Team Wins but he lost banglow and land at Nagorno Karabah.. What performance Azerbaijan take back thier home land & what the true independent.. Hope succes AS Roma in fight scudetto this season
Tigran Mec
Tigran Mec 14 dias atrás
Lav eli tayq Henon xper🤦‍♂️
PEKA PEKA 14 dias atrás
roma forever winning "small" teams team
Daniel Ingebrand
Daniel Ingebrand 14 dias atrás
Other teams can’t even do that
Fabrizio Ventricini
Fabrizio Ventricini 14 dias atrás
Bravo Mister, se sta' pure a impara' l'Italiano
UN Tifoso Romanista 63 Torlonia
Daje Roma lets keep dreaming🤩
Cadian122 14 dias atrás
Veretout is so awesome.. What a great signing..
RN TIPRASA 14 dias atrás
Udinese should use Fernando Forestieri
Toni agustino
Toni agustino 15 dias atrás
🔴Romanisti ( INDONESIA )
Asilearnguitar 15 dias atrás
Poor okaka.. he never proved himself at Roma or against Roma ..
eko sarang
eko sarang 15 dias atrás
Mantap 3 poin
RonMesReBaFoot 10
RonMesReBaFoot 10 15 dias atrás
Micki the king
Ousmane Ibrahim
Ousmane Ibrahim 15 dias atrás
Roma should maintain this form if they want to challenge for the scudeto
ClemMedia 15 dias atrás
All the small things goes well with Pedro scoring
Arjuna Cinta
Arjuna Cinta 15 dias atrás
3 punti forza roma
Альберт Волк
Мхитарян ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Music Land
Music Land 15 dias atrás
Roma top 1 team
venomi 15 dias atrás
2:39 roma defences always love to do some blunders..
MyChildhoodCrushAtomickitten 0205
Roma haven't lose at home yet 👏👏👏👏
Michael de la parra
Michael de la parra 15 dias atrás
No fue penal
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 15 dias atrás
Zaniolo will be sold
John Carter
John Carter 15 dias atrás
Mkhitaryan was diving bngsad..!!
Willie BeGood
Willie BeGood 14 dias atrás
Agree but who cares. Roma 3points. This is Planet Earth...nobody is perfect
Wilhelmus Oladoko
Wilhelmus Oladoko 15 dias atrás
Grazie Roma💛💖
Alex 15 dias atrás
Daje roma
Ger Channel
Ger Channel 15 dias atrás
FORZA AS ROMA from Indonesian
SRJT16 15 dias atrás
Harsh penalty. Mkhitaryan had already shot and missed the target
Tentang Senja_
Tentang Senja_ 15 dias atrás
Forza roma
Addo Densu
Addo Densu 15 dias atrás
I love the way Roma is playing as a team...moving the ball fast and running behind the defensive lines. Nice work coach fonseca
DeBuDDi 15 dias atrás
big win for roma vs underrated team udinese
الماس الماسی
MIKI IS FANTASTIC PLAYER 🔥🇦🇲🔥🇦🇲🔥🇦🇲🔥🇦🇲🔥🇦🇲🔥🇦🇲
Avo Avetiq
Avo Avetiq 15 dias atrás
Հայեր ջան, դուխներտ չքցեք, ես ձեր սրտին մեռնեմ
дж ян
дж ян 12 dias atrás
Music Land
Music Land 15 dias atrás
Misht araj🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲
Daniel Puput
Daniel Puput 15 dias atrás
Forza Roma
Sang Pejalan
Sang Pejalan 15 dias atrás
Terlalu mudah untuk menunjuk penalti
Alexo 15 dias atrás
Micky is the best!🎉
stepan savzyan
stepan savzyan 15 dias atrás
Maty Canals
Maty Canals 15 dias atrás
Pedro volvió a hacerle un gol al Udinese igual a la fecha 3 ,y muy parecidos ambos goles.
Nightmare Mein
Nightmare Mein 15 dias atrás
Daje roma portacè sta coppa!!!!
Ali Mohsin
Ali Mohsin 15 dias atrás
Forza roma ❤ from baghdad iraq
zhang zeyang
zhang zeyang 15 dias atrás
any recommend Best place to watch serie A those days?
Sergio Cazzaro
Sergio Cazzaro 14 dias atrás
Try Strikeout
Мирлан Осмон
Я подписался из за Педро
Aidy Gooner
Aidy Gooner 15 dias atrás
Having someone laying on the ground during a free kick is one of the most silliest things to do because the wall should only jump when the ball leaves the ground. If the ball stays on the ground then the wall shouldn't jump so you don't need someone laying on the ground like at 2:14
醉你父親 14 dias atrás
@Aidy Gooner but the ball didnt hit someone from wall in this goal
Aidy Gooner
Aidy Gooner 15 dias atrás
And we've already got an example... check out Lazio's goal vs Inter Milan earlier tonight 🤷‍♂️😃
Jack Fisher
Jack Fisher 15 dias atrás
You never played football, if ball struck with power the wall has no time to react, so they almost always jump
Edo Edo
Edo Edo 15 dias atrás
Miki Resphekt
Beni Bjelak
Beni Bjelak 15 dias atrás
Did anybody see delefou today
PM 15 dias atrás
Why Micky is not shoting penalties?
Black BuckChain
Black BuckChain 15 dias atrás
Im here because of Pedro 💪🏼
Ruben Sánchez
Ruben Sánchez 15 dias atrás
Me too
Vladimiro Parlato
Vladimiro Parlato 15 dias atrás
Roma i love u so much !!💛⚡️❤️
Lian Guite
Lian Guite 15 dias atrás
Faax Espiridion
Faax Espiridion 15 dias atrás
For me clear penalty There was no reason for the goalkeeper to tackle the player
Faax Espiridion
Faax Espiridion 15 dias atrás
@Jonathan Barnard new rules if the ball already going out don’t tackle the player as simple end...
Jonathan Barnard
Jonathan Barnard 15 dias atrás
He had a right to go for the ball just as the Roma player did. I’ve seen much worse not called as a pen.
lolopunisher 15 dias atrás
Ya jamais penalty
lolopunisher 15 dias atrás
@storknad man je vois pas le rapport
storknad man
storknad man 15 dias atrás
Si t’avais regardé le match live, tu l’aurait vu
lolopunisher 15 dias atrás
Ya jamais penalty
Luca :D
Luca :D 14 dias atrás
Bien sûr que si
Alparslan Korkmaz
Alparslan Korkmaz 15 dias atrás
FPL Amateur
FPL Amateur 15 dias atrás
This guy once played for Aston villa
bulik vira
bulik vira 15 dias atrás
Pocket Gamer Idz
Pocket Gamer Idz 15 dias atrás
Even it's already 1 year, I still never get used to watch official match without real spectators.
Donny sambora
Donny sambora 15 dias atrás
Forza Roma 🔥🔥🔥
genius mathematician
genius mathematician 15 dias atrás
Knowledge Library
Knowledge Library 15 dias atrás
Зрителей, читиающий этот комментарий, здоровье тебе и твоим родным🙏
Б З 15 dias atrás
Avo Avetiq
Avo Avetiq 15 dias atrás
Bibek Das
Bibek Das 15 dias atrás
I support this match Roma serie a and I am happy because Roma win the match serie a
Bibek Das
Bibek Das 15 dias atrás
I love you serie a
Aris Papa
Aris Papa 15 dias atrás
As roma roma roma roma romAaaaaaaaaaa
panji hopag
panji hopag 15 dias atrás
Forza Roma🔥🔥🔥
Ayua Solomon
Ayua Solomon 15 dias atrás
PEDRO's goals are always a beauty! 😍
Lion Cub
Lion Cub 15 dias atrás
I think the goal which Mancini created is the best.
Eduardo Grasso TV
Eduardo Grasso TV 15 dias atrás
Rigore? vabbe...
Motion 15 dias atrás
Ripardo Teixeira
Ripardo Teixeira 15 dias atrás
That shouldnt be a penalty at all, mykhitarian had already shot, the rest was Just a collision
DDeglane16 12 dias atrás
@Roma English True. It’s a shame that Italian referees have fallen so far from their typical standards
Yadav Mohip
Yadav Mohip 13 dias atrás
If you look at replay you will see that Miki gets the ball over the keeper and if he was not taken down he could have gotten behind it and taken a proper shot. The tackle did not win the ball in any way. It’s a tough call as I said but I think it was the right call.
Roma English
Roma English 13 dias atrás
@DDeglane16 okay, so? This is Italian football anyways
DDeglane16 13 dias atrás
@Roma English You do not understand football
Samuel Esra
Samuel Esra 14 dias atrás
But the ball still in side of the fields. That's the role
Milano Milan
Milano Milan 15 dias atrás
Cristante garbage defender
Aniello L‘Africano
Aniello L‘Africano 14 dias atrás
He’s not a defender
Paulo Mancini
Paulo Mancini 15 dias atrás
Grande Roma
PTSF9123 15 dias atrás
Still 0 win against top 6 teams.
Senor Japones
Senor Japones 15 dias atrás
Yeah, But very often win again the remaining team. No wonder they on the 3rd. (Well juve still have one game in hand)
storknad man
storknad man 15 dias atrás
How does that matter? 3 points is always 3 points doesnt matter if its against juve or crotone
Zhask Aliens
Zhask Aliens 15 dias atrás
Kado istimewa di hari Valentine. Forza Roma ..
sapu jagat
sapu jagat 15 dias atrás
Mantap Roma
Rafael Souza
Rafael Souza 15 dias atrás
All the small things
Aksel Grigoryan
Aksel Grigoryan 15 dias atrás
Yes Roma Gool
Kirana Coroza
Kirana Coroza 15 dias atrás
Dajeee Roma ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shadowsoul81 15 dias atrás
And they talk about penalties given to Milan? Now how is this a penalty?
Rosady Lj
Rosady Lj 15 dias atrás
forza roma
Josep ST
Josep ST 15 dias atrás
That's not penalty
Luca :D
Luca :D 14 dias atrás
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