Martínez Scores Spectacular Goal Against Sassuolo | Top Moment | Serie A TIM 

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Martínez secures Inter's win against Sassuolo | Top Moment | Serie A TIM
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7 Abr 2021



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Comentários 100   
A. grd
A. grd 8 dias atrás
The keeper was so lazy.. Sorry
Felipe Pulsos
Felipe Pulsos 9 dias atrás
Tinha sido penalty no lance anterior a favor do Sassuolo. Roubado!
Problem No
Problem No 11 dias atrás
I thought it was Suarez on the thumbnail.
Sayer Al Sayer
Sayer Al Sayer 11 dias atrás
Zorro 07
Zorro 07 11 dias atrás
Martinez is best Argentinian atm 👍
Zorro 07
Zorro 07 11 dias atrás
Where is spectacular goal 🙄
Daniel collins
Daniel collins 11 dias atrás
Q tal penalazooo que no le cobran !!
RIN 11 dias atrás
Clickbait 😂
Daniel J. Adams
Daniel J. Adams 11 dias atrás
That's not spectacular.
CAT WORLD 11 dias atrás
Łukasz P
Łukasz P 12 dias atrás
No penalty for Sassuolo? Is this a joke?
Mr. Casaralta
Mr. Casaralta 12 dias atrás
Congratulazioni all'Inter per aver vinto lo scudetto
TRIPODI ANTONINO 12 dias atrás
Il goal di Martinez, era da fallo
yasa52 12 dias atrás
WooooooW that's A Great Inter
Jenefer Ferreira
Jenefer Ferreira 12 dias atrás
Pênalti para o Sassuolo?????
Giulio M
Giulio M 12 dias atrás
Vittoria "di Rapina" del circo-Inter... Literally
Giulio M
Giulio M 12 dias atrás
Too bad there was penalty for Sassuolo just seconds earlier. But i guess that doesn't count 😂 😂
ivannse07 12 dias atrás
I can't wait to see him and our other ballers in the national team, just go away covid ffssss
Any Thing
Any Thing 12 dias atrás
John Pieter
John Pieter 12 dias atrás
Scudetto callings...
le Leo
le Leo 12 dias atrás
How is this spectacular?????
LabGorilla 12 dias atrás
Spectacular ? Compared to what? Toilet ?
El Juventino
El Juventino 12 dias atrás
Spettacolare 😂😂😂😂
Tommaso Grassi
Tommaso Grassi 12 dias atrás
Actually the first goal was spectacular, not the second
Pranto Mostafiz
Pranto Mostafiz 12 dias atrás
Immergiamoci Podcast
Immergiamoci Podcast 12 dias atrás
Ti piace il calcio e vorresti essere più informato? Se sì, il nostro podcast è quello che fa per te! Ogni lunedì un episodio che racchiude: divertimento, pronostici, pareri e le ultime notizie. Immergiamoci!
Pina De luca
Pina De luca 12 dias atrás
anche questa vola niente rigore ma non sai vincere senza aiuti
PUSHKARESH BHAT 12 dias atrás
This is the official channel for the Serie A, providing all the latest highlights, interviews, news and features to keep you up to date with all things Italian football
Deeptanshu Sheel
Deeptanshu Sheel 12 dias atrás
Ngl Admin had us in first half.
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma 12 dias atrás
Clear foul
Nikolayevic Muhamedoff
Nikolayevic Muhamedoff 12 dias atrás
this video is about that controversial foult pathetic conspiracy from inter haters
MHRZ Official
MHRZ Official 12 dias atrás
Thafseer സത്യവിശ്വാസി
What is mean by spectacular🤔😁
eleuni 12 dias atrás
Harry Kane?
Don Keydik
Don Keydik 12 dias atrás
The clickbait on this one is just evil
Baban Iezmoehaq
Baban Iezmoehaq 12 dias atrás
where "spectacular" 😁
سامي انتر
سامي انتر 12 dias atrás
Andhika Robby
Andhika Robby 12 dias atrás
Kayak goal anak SMA biasa aja. Bgst
Abdulrahman Alalawi
Abdulrahman Alalawi 12 dias atrás
Devon Yardi
Devon Yardi 12 dias atrás
Lukaku n Martinez
italia swag-boy
italia swag-boy 12 dias atrás
De derbi incredulo sul goal di lautaro 😂💪💪💪💪 Forza INTER #AMALA ❤
kristiawan indriyanto
kristiawan indriyanto 12 dias atrás
You mean spectacular counterattack
Jude Lanose
Jude Lanose 12 dias atrás
There's foul for sassuolo in the beginning of the action
Nathan 12 dias atrás
spectacular goal ? it was a penalty you idiots
stolz_ar 12 dias atrás
Are penalty kicks only valid FOR Inter? Maybe I misread the rules...
revo husnia azuri
revo husnia azuri 12 dias atrás
yes that's right, but, 2 handballs from a sassuolo player, does not result in a penalty for inter.
Bernardo Poniman
Bernardo Poniman 12 dias atrás
No its only valid for ac milan...inter also not given 2 penalties for handball in 1st half
Patrick Francis
Patrick Francis 12 dias atrás
Clear penalty for Sassuols
Dues Vult
Dues Vult 12 dias atrás
Did I miss the spectacular goal?
يونس بن أحمد
يونس بن أحمد 12 dias atrás
Luca Cugini
Luca Cugini 12 dias atrás
Insomma inter come Juventus solo una volta a decennio
Vivo Y12s
Vivo Y12s 12 dias atrás
Roni Wanfuadi
Roni Wanfuadi 12 dias atrás
Are u joking me?
Clayton Hays
Clayton Hays 12 dias atrás
📌 18 + -S`E"X`--D'A"T`ING-------- Here ➱ XXCLUB.CYOU/YOIHPW 9:04 √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минутнеожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейскийогда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут
Adams 12 dias atrás
Bushy Games
Bushy Games 12 dias atrás
Amazing counterattack 🤩❤️
ProdigyNr1 12 dias atrás
Nice pull there from the Inter defender
AverageatBest 12 dias atrás
@Giulio M if that's a penalty every pull of shirt when corner kick is taken could've been a penalty
Giulio M
Giulio M 12 dias atrás
@AverageatBest making up your own rules i see...
AverageatBest 12 dias atrás
yeah the pull is too weak, that's why VAR doesn't consider it if you want to protest look at De Zerbi 0:31 reaction, did he protest ?
Daniel Petralito
Daniel Petralito 12 dias atrás
Da interista questo me lo chiamate gol spettacolare? Ce ne sono stati di molto più belli. Era il minimo che segnasse da quella posizione
Socccervibes 12 dias atrás
I dont think the admin knows what the word ”spectactular” means lol😂
J04ck1M 26
J04ck1M 26 12 dias atrás
Learn english fool..
Bang Shoby Channel
Bang Shoby Channel 12 dias atrás
Where is the spectaculer ?
ꓘΛИΛ ΤΛ 12 dias atrás
FORZA INTER from Belgium 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪
KOST TV 12 dias atrás
Itu harusnya penalty untuk sassuolo
Aris Nam
Aris Nam 12 dias atrás
El toro
Monster Kill
Monster Kill 12 dias atrás
A m a l a
LUCIANO LOVITO 12 dias atrás
Vedere De Zerbi a bocca aperta dopo il gol di Lautaro non ha prezzo !!! 😂😂
LUCIANO LOVITO 10 dias atrás
Poi Raspadori pensando di essere furbo ma non lo é sentendosi tirato da dietro mi cade in avanti...magico 👏👏👏
LUCIANO LOVITO 12 dias atrás
@Ciro Caporale ma quale evidente gli ha appena tirato la maglietta ed è caduto a terra come una pera cotta 😂😂😂 ma daiiiii...
Ciro Caporale
Ciro Caporale 12 dias atrás
La bocca aperta era per la trattenuta evidente in area di rigore.. da cui è scaturita l'azione di contropiede
Football Club
Football Club 12 dias atrás
*Fantastic assist & stunning goal.*
SuperRc07 12 dias atrás
Who would have thought that Seria A admin be clickbaiting titles!!!
Black Ant
Black Ant 12 dias atrás
Vainile Tron Moreau
Vainile Tron Moreau 12 dias atrás
That goal is guaranteed to win the Puskas Award this year. No contest.
Odulate Daniel
Odulate Daniel 12 dias atrás
@Mekaronti Da Silvame ooo 😂😂😂
Mekaronti Da Silva
Mekaronti Da Silva 12 dias atrás
Who else was expecting a 30 yard bar down volley?
Mick Williamson
Mick Williamson 12 dias atrás
Easily. 🤯
D L 12 dias atrás
Where's the spectacular goal? Ridicolous people manages Serie A channel
Fikayo Tomori
Fikayo Tomori 12 dias atrás
Consigli ha provato ad imitare l'uomo che c era nell'altra porta
Lucas Gourcuff
Lucas Gourcuff 12 dias atrás
guys who are asking for the spectalucar goal have big problems in their brain
AlexRossonero 12 dias atrás
Ehhh spettacolare
Uno Thisship
Uno Thisship 12 dias atrás
Africano Blackaldo
Africano Blackaldo 12 dias atrás
Robbed of pens lucky win 🤡
Kiwi Kicker
Kiwi Kicker 12 dias atrás
robbedof handball in the first half.
INTER NICK 12 dias atrás
⚫🔵Fratelli nerazzurri sto creando un canale interista e chi volesse potrebbe venire ed iscriversi, mi aiutereste tantissimo, grazie 🖤💙
Dominic savio Obinwa
Dominic savio Obinwa 12 dias atrás
Nothing so spectacular here, the keeper even didn't make effort to stop the ball.
Pido Hunter
Pido Hunter 12 dias atrás
yeah noone ever scored goal like that xd
Tiago Moreira
Tiago Moreira 12 dias atrás
I like a clinical finisher just like any other bloke, but the only thing worth of being called spectacular comes from Lukaku.
Slim Shady
Slim Shady 12 dias atrás
Amazing goal to be honest its not easy to shoot the ball that way from that angle
Zanta 22
Zanta 22 12 dias atrás
Bob Sacameno
Bob Sacameno 12 dias atrás
Admin is Inter supporter? 😂
Chef Ace
Chef Ace 12 dias atrás
Javier Cota
Javier Cota 12 dias atrás
antonio gomes
antonio gomes 12 dias atrás
Penalty for sassuolo
nahBiggie 12 dias atrás
This is not ac milan lol
Kiwi Kicker
Kiwi Kicker 12 dias atrás
7HOMAS INGR0 12 dias atrás
Goal di Martinez non valido era rigore
AK 25 Channel
AK 25 Channel 12 dias atrás
Don Kiichouh
Don Kiichouh 12 dias atrás
Emilio 12 dias atrás
Where’s the spectacular goal at
Sanele Tsepo24
Sanele Tsepo24 12 dias atrás
Bad Refereeing is the only spectacular thing here 🙄
ali alaf
ali alaf 12 dias atrás
Many thanks for your email
revo husnia azuri
revo husnia azuri 12 dias atrás
yes that's right, 2 handballs from a sassuolo player, does not result in a penalty for inter.
Bernardo Poniman
Bernardo Poniman 12 dias atrás
I think the ref feels guilty after not giving inter 2 penalties in 1st half for the handball
nahBiggie 12 dias atrás
William 12 dias atrás
Never a foul.
erolish 12 dias atrás
Lukas Drango
Lukas Drango 12 dias atrás
0:30 It was so spectacular that even Sassuolo's coach was speechless
Miller Lite
Miller Lite 11 dias atrás
@SWAYAM CHATTERJEE don’t forget we also got robbed a penalty from a handball
Ciro Caporale
Ciro Caporale 12 dias atrás
It was the wind from the north that stretched the shirt... not the defender
it wasn't that he was speachless becoz it was spectacular . He was just suprised how without even considering the shirt pull the game continued and they scored a goal in the next second
Ayush Kr
Ayush Kr 12 dias atrás
Still waiting for the spectacular goal 🙄
Speedy Hakimi
Speedy Hakimi 12 dias atrás
Marko 12 dias atrás
Only thing spectacular here is spectacularly bad refereeing. Clear penalty before the goal. Embarrassing.
nahBiggie 12 dias atrás
No pen, too soft.
Miller Lite
Miller Lite 12 dias atrás
@Lukas Drango exactly
Lukas Drango
Lukas Drango 12 dias atrás
There was a penalty for us too, just cope
Som Hero
Som Hero 12 dias atrás
WHO is here for just the spectacular goal😂✅
Som Hero
Som Hero 11 dias atrás
@ali alaf what do you mean ?
ali alaf
ali alaf 12 dias atrás
Many thanks for your email
Ishwor Shrestha
Ishwor Shrestha 12 dias atrás
Som Hero
Som Hero 12 dias atrás
@Alvaro E. Urdaneta G. 😂 is this Inter youtube fun page 😂
bluedrumble 12 dias atrás
@Raz Massami clickBAIT
José Pelaio
José Pelaio 12 dias atrás
Nahom Mhretab
Nahom Mhretab 12 dias atrás
Lukaku is the best inter
Elim Haile
Elim Haile 12 dias atrás
Martinez and Messi link up gonna be crazy in copa America!
Boys San Siro
Boys San Siro 12 dias atrás
Forza inter
Juda Groenewoudt
Juda Groenewoudt 12 dias atrás
Conte has done a great job in such a short time
special one
special one 11 dias atrás
Ancora con sta cosa dei 12mln l'anno... ma nessuno parla della juve che ha investito 200mln ed è fuori da scudetto e champions
Chef Ace
Chef Ace 11 dias atrás
@special one forse non hai capito il focus che era il "such a short time" come se avesse cambiato la squadra dall'oggi al domani, invece ha limato pian piano tutti gli aspetti prendendosi critiche a destra e a manca da tutti (soprattutto i suoi tifosi). Padre pioli prende un mln, conte dodici quindi le posizioni e le competenze rispecchiano quello che vengono pagati. Vai a fare la pigna da qualche altra parte 🥰
special one
special one 11 dias atrás
@Chef Ace da 2 quarti posto in un anno mezzo è passato a essere primo con +12 dalle concorrenti... se non è un gran lavoro questo cos'è... quello di padre pioli per caso?
Chef Ace
Chef Ace 11 dias atrás
si due anni e mezzo, such a short time 😂
MoAmir Khali
MoAmir Khali 12 dias atrás
Spectacular ?
Andrica Ion
Andrica Ion 12 dias atrás
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