Insigne Gives Napoli the Win Against Juve! | Napoli 1-0 Juventus | Top Moment | Serie A TIM 

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Insigne's strike lead Napoli to a huge win against Juventus | Serie A TIM
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13 Fev 2021



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Comentários 46   
Max Karun
Max Karun 10 dias atrás
Круто! / Пиарю, свой контэнт,а почему бы и нет?)\ - Подписывайся!
RINO GATTUSO 15 dias atrás
Saluto sel Brasile a te, Lorenzo. Noi, tifosi del PALMEIRAS 💚 siamo con tutta Napoli !!!
Пінгвін Антарктичний
Что за бред? Он просто лицо ему потрогал. Терпеть не могу Ювентус, но тут пенальти не было.
Hengki Cahyono
Hengki Cahyono 15 dias atrás
Pirlo out chelini out
Иво Бобл
Иво Бобл 15 dias atrás
Ебать, обзор мощный
김민성 16 dias atrás
Home Napoli = Magic 🔥🔥 Let's Goooo
Victor Lugosi
Victor Lugosi 16 dias atrás
36 seconds and it’s done lol
Danny zizi
Danny zizi 16 dias atrás
Forza Napoli
Nathan 69
Nathan 69 16 dias atrás
Insigne: *Misses decisive penalty in PS5 Super Cup against Juventus* Also Insigne: *Scores the winning penalty in Serie A v Juventus* *Best Revenge Of 2021 So Far*
George DeBono
George DeBono 15 dias atrás
Brooklynapoli 16 dias atrás
Grande Napoli
señor de papel 333
señor de papel 333 16 dias atrás
Ya aprendió a cobrar penales jajajajaaj
Crna Gora
Crna Gora 16 dias atrás
So much luck for Napoli in this match...
Arbenit Krasniqi
Arbenit Krasniqi 16 dias atrás ibra
Riefq Amrulloh
Riefq Amrulloh 16 dias atrás
Napoli's players like Korean Drama artist
Moch ChoerilAnwar
Moch ChoerilAnwar 16 dias atrás
Not brilliant penalty, Its just terrible decision making penalty
BlueToronto 16 dias atrás
Why? Chiellini smashed his face. Lucky it wasn't a red card.
宇宙兄弟 16 dias atrás
どなたかインシーニェのユニフォームになんて書いてあるか教えて下さい!!! Please tell me what his uniform is written 🙏 Sorry my English is hard to understand
宇宙兄弟 16 dias atrás
なるほど!!! もっと深い意味があるかと思っていました笑笑 イタリアでもバレンタインの文化は根付いているんですね
わさび 16 dias atrás
buon san Valentino amore mio 日本語で幸せなバレンタインデー 私の愛と言う意味ですね
Picasso21 16 dias atrás
If NAPOLI plays now like that against strong teams, pfff they will not do anything next year in champions league! Juve had just been unlucky tonight but I didn't see NAPOLI shinning tonight! More worried about Napoli than Juventus which can't win all matchs! that's normal.
Matteo Casale
Matteo Casale 16 dias atrás
I’m not worried about us winning games in the UCL if we make it because hopefully we don’t miss as many players due to injury. Yes every team has injuries but not at the level we have had to deal with. Koulibaly and Manolas were both missing along with Mertens and Demme. Juve didn’t miss Bonucci at all and Arthur should have been replaced by McKennie. A healthy Napoli looks and plays much better than we did today
Сергей Сауткин
Napoli e primo!
Alen K
Alen K 16 dias atrás
Napoli Talk
Napoli Talk 16 dias atrás
💯 💙
The Metal & Magnet Channel
🤩 F O R Z A 💙 N A P O L I 🤩
Jose Preza
Jose Preza 16 dias atrás
El napoli no se merecía ganar
Сергій Горохов
Forza Napoli!!!!!
Aᥣokᥱ 16 dias atrás
Carlos Anton
Carlos Anton 16 dias atrás
Ma che c'è di brilliante che quasi ti spacchino il naso?
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga 16 dias atrás
Ronaldo didn't score today because he didn't wanted to end the career of Napoli manager.
J04ck1M 26
J04ck1M 26 14 dias atrás
Роман Андреев
Bravo Napoli
XnaimX 16 dias atrás
chinedu obuekwe
chinedu obuekwe 16 dias atrás
We call that roofing where I’m from
Oli 16 dias atrás
Penaldo was envious of Insigne today! 😄😆😂🤣
PLAY GAMES 16 dias atrás
@Oli terstegen plays better than pessi 😂 in important games
PLAY GAMES 16 dias atrás
@Oli ik you are pessi fan but I don't care
Oli 16 dias atrás
Penaldo fans are crying babies! And his argument is always to say whoever criticizes Penaldo is a fan of Messi.
PLAY GAMES 16 dias atrás
🥴 idk for what you ppl calling him penaldo
Йохан Бохан
Йохан Бохан 16 dias atrás
Napoli bravo 👏👏👏
libertoseminerio 16 dias atrás
0:50 ma che fa lozano con insigne 😂👍
libertoseminerio 15 dias atrás
@Marie Gomez si 😂🤣👍
Marie Gomez
Marie Gomez 16 dias atrás
Lo amé 😂😂
علي 123
علي 123 16 dias atrás
عرب وين تعليقات عرب😊
Gweila Rex
Gweila Rex 16 dias atrás
Whats app status .english bgm
Cr7 fans like
Whats app status .english bgm
Mustafa Aslan
Mustafa Aslan 16 dias atrás
pirlo is the worst coach i have ever seen
Gaspard Delaforce
Gaspard Delaforce 16 dias atrás
Based on what
Syedzada Salman
Syedzada Salman 16 dias atrás
Yes bro watch Spezia playing Trashed Ac milan Playing both Attacking 70% defense 30%
vheyz bintang
vheyz bintang 16 dias atrás
need win but still playing defense lol
Happy Jack McKenna
Happy Jack McKenna 16 dias atrás
Forza Napoli Sempre!!! INSINGE AL CAPITANO!!! 24×10 RIP D1OS 🙏 LORENZO CENTO!!!100!!!
libertoseminerio 16 dias atrás
Il nostro Capitano 💪
Тихон Колисниченко
Respect Napoli from interista. 👍
Junior 16 dias atrás
Napoli ♥️💪🤙🤙👑👑👑
jawad bazzi
jawad bazzi 16 dias atrás
Hi first comment
MementoRomae 16 dias atrás
Regalo di San Valentino
Luka Brankovic
Luka Brankovic 16 dias atrás
Yes Napoli
THoMas 99x
THoMas 99x 16 dias atrás
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