Crotone 1-2 Sassuolo | Caputo Penalty Secures Away Win for Sassuolo | Serie A TIM 

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A Francesco Caputo penalty made the difference in Crotone as Sassuolo emerged victorious | Serie A TIM
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14 Fev 2021



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Comentários 41   
Max Karun
Max Karun 9 dias atrás
Крутой футбол! / Пиарю, свой контэнт,а почему бы и нет?)\ - Подписывайся!
paolo napolitano
paolo napolitano 10 dias atrás
Ounas 🇩🇿
Kouki Zizou
Kouki Zizou 10 dias atrás
Adam ounas petit algerien
Tengku Syafiq
Tengku Syafiq 13 dias atrás
Caputo, berardi and boga was so underrated player 🔥 they should move to big club for a better carier.
zaier Badis
zaier Badis 13 dias atrás
L arbitre les a voler
Gweila Rex
Gweila Rex 14 dias atrás
Bernarda Barreto
Bernarda Barreto 14 dias atrás
Crotto crotto
Alex black
Alex black 14 dias atrás
Dinor t’es ou ?
Vinoth 95
Vinoth 95 9 dias atrás
Meme moi je le cherche
Barca DZ tv
Barca DZ tv 14 dias atrás
Great & Amazing Adam Ounas Goal ⚽🎩🆒🔝💪🔥
Yohan Ãî
Yohan Ãî 14 dias atrás
Ounas 🇩🇿🇩🇿
Aksel Touil
Aksel Touil 14 dias atrás
Adam OUANES what a player!
Michael Galant
Michael Galant 14 dias atrás
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Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi 14 dias atrás
Absolutely, crotone won't be save at the end of season in bottom place, really bad squad and manager...
Ketut Surya
Ketut Surya 14 dias atrás
Easy tuch be penalty .... italy referee
Gaming Khor
Gaming Khor 15 dias atrás
SRJT16 15 dias atrás
Goalkeepers are far too protected. That was never a foul on Consigli. Just 2 players going for a 50/50. Consigli should have got up and carried on playing rather than staying on the floor. Crotone deserved a point in this game
Sarah Azhari
Sarah Azhari 15 dias atrás
konten gokills: 1. Tragedi WFH Ajal menjemput Makan bulu anu Tiktok buka baju challenge.
Ville Ranta
Ville Ranta 15 dias atrás
Domenico berardi come to milan!❤️
Special One
Special One 15 dias atrás
DeBuDDi 15 dias atrás
sassuolo deserve to win, gg
Henri Afari
Henri Afari 15 dias atrás
Ounas has some insane dribbling on him, just wish he's consistent.
Sofyan Nedi
Sofyan Nedi 15 dias atrás
Really really drama this liga 😂
KENNY Santos Afonseca
KENNY Santos Afonseca 15 dias atrás
Purnama Arie
Purnama Arie 15 dias atrás
Finally sassuolo win
marc saliba
marc saliba 14 dias atrás
Cute ❤️
Azore Ladoma
Azore Ladoma 15 dias atrás
Yeah it's been a while
Maty Canals
Maty Canals 15 dias atrás
Que golazo de Berardi y Caputo que nunca falla.Buena campaña del Sassuolo.
CIRO DI MARZIO 15 dias atrás
Ounas 🇩🇿🔥
Oussama Siouane
Oussama Siouane 15 dias atrás
TrevorKane 15 dias atrás
Sassuolo has been suffering, for the beautiful football they play they should be rewarded with poor wins this season
Random Questions
Random Questions 15 dias atrás
0:31 😅😅😅
Ranjeet Sohanpal
Ranjeet Sohanpal 14 dias atrás
Tabla 😂🤣
JR ARAFAT CHANNEL 15 dias atrás
اليمانية اليمانية
اتوسل إليك يا الله بحق إسمك الاعظم ان ترزق صاحب اليد التي تظغط اشتراك فرحة يسجد لها باكيآ ورزق لا ينتهي.
نوال اليماني
اتوسل إليك يا الله بحق إسمك الاعظم ان ترزق صاحب اليد التي تظغط لايك واشتراك فرحة يسجد لها باكيآ ورزق لا ينتهي،،،
Gamer 15 dias atrás
Caputo my man
LiMBO Liga
LiMBO Liga 15 dias atrás
I want to play football
Zanta 22
Zanta 22 15 dias atrás
Crotone goal remaind me what Messi did to boateng .. RIP defender
Zanta 22
Zanta 22 14 dias atrás
@Lion YES RIP defender, I don’t care he’s improve or not after , but I’m talking about what Messi did to him.. relax bro ...
Lion 14 dias atrás
@Zanta 22 Didn't you just mention R.I.P defender? BLIND KID, his career isn't over, he is sill a winner, I am talking about his achievements after that incident, he improved
Zanta 22
Zanta 22 14 dias atrás
@Lion I’m NOT talking about who lose who win .. read my comment u DUMB.. I’m TALKING about the GOAL..
assirem 15 dias atrás
Ounas 🇩🇿
Lion 15 dias atrás
That was infinity war for Boateng in 2015 (Barca won treble) The endgame was in 2020, when he pocketed messi and helped in humiliating Barca 8-2 (Bayern won sextuple)
ayoub abdalmalek
ayoub abdalmalek 15 dias atrás
adem ounas the best
Abdullah Gulbar
Abdullah Gulbar 15 dias atrás
lil Instinctz
lil Instinctz 15 dias atrás
Erwin Santana
Erwin Santana 15 dias atrás
الدوري السعودي
Erwin Santana
Erwin Santana 15 dias atrás
الدوري السعودي
Forza Milan
Forza Milan 14 dias atrás
@الدوري السعودي ❤♥️
الدوري السعودي
@Forza Milan ❤️😘
Forza Milan
Forza Milan 14 dias atrás
أسطورة وربي😏🔥
Erwin Santana
Erwin Santana 15 dias atrás
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