Cagliari 0-1 Torino | Bremer’s Late Strike Hands Torino Crucial Away Win | Serie A TIM 

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Gleison Bremer’s 76th minute strike hands Torino all three points away at Cagliari | Serie A TIM
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19 Fev 2021



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Comentários 65   
Max Karun
Max Karun 6 dias atrás
Крутой футбол! / Пиарю, свой контэнт,а почему бы и нет?)\ - Подписывайся!
Sandy Putra
Sandy Putra 6 dias atrás
Hi,i'am from Indonesian
Setia Band
Setia Band 8 dias atrás
Get out Simeone no have teqnik striker
Setia Band
Setia Band 8 dias atrás
Get out Simeone no have teqnik striker
Kabra sim
Kabra sim 8 dias atrás
violector 8 dias atrás
Cragno in NAZIONALE!!!!!!!
Rizki Gumeleng R.G
Rizki Gumeleng R.G 8 dias atrás
Nyalakn nyali Torino 👍💪🏿. Indonesia fans
Heracher 9 dias atrás
Секунды две в конце думал, что ща будет драка
CBM 1979
CBM 1979 9 dias atrás
Ale Toro!
Vicky Pratama
Vicky Pratama 9 dias atrás
How are you, Nainggolan? You come and cagliari always loses ☺️
Alparslan Korkmaz
Alparslan Korkmaz 9 dias atrás
Arsala Rifki
Arsala Rifki 9 dias atrás
Poor Godin
Iqbal Firdaus
Iqbal Firdaus 9 dias atrás
Buy Cragno Inter
Pietrino giunco
Pietrino giunco 9 dias atrás
all teams that have sacked managers genoa fiorentina and torino got out of relegation zone and cagliari instead prolongued di francesco contract until 2023 ,that was out of order.15 games without a win with 5 draws and 10 defeats and our chairman have got no clue of what is doing,this will be the second relegation in 5 years.GIULINI OUT
Chicken 9 dias atrás
I swear is Cagliari’ manager Eusebio Di Francesco?
Tariq Yasiin
Tariq Yasiin 9 dias atrás
Jerseys in italia are fashionable!
Tariq Yasiin
Tariq Yasiin 9 dias atrás
I came for the jersey
Facundo Tardivo
Facundo Tardivo 9 dias atrás
Incredible Cragno!
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi 9 dias atrás
I think cagliari should save themselves, di francesco didn't suitable for them, need to replace with someone else like mazzari or novellino...
ion salam
ion salam 9 dias atrás
Teams with Romanian players to go in serie B. Cagliari Crotone and parma
Messi McFisch
Messi McFisch 9 dias atrás
Probs from juve, torino go straight. I love you,
nikomusik69 9 dias atrás
The cure by Davide Nicola: the group, the motivation, the spirit of sacrifice and umility. The results are coming. Sempre forza toro!
volyn water
volyn water 9 dias atrás
Forza Cagliari !!!
Riajul Islam Mozumder
Riajul Islam Mozumder 9 dias atrás
Last reaction very amazing experience
Саймрод Таиров
HDD is j gf HDD DJ of JC fun is GL ID go bh HDD DJ of fj kg fj LLC h kg KB clf JC DJ kg g kg ckgh BC do fh wwwlz🤟🤟🤟🤟
SHoLdiE 9 dias atrás
Herman Tan
Herman Tan 9 dias atrás
Congratz! Torino will be salveza this year!
Delfina Cuenca
Delfina Cuenca 10 dias atrás
Grande Torino!! Un gigante de Italia.. saludos de Argentina!
Omed Saed
Omed Saed 10 dias atrás
TheBicho CR7
TheBicho CR7 10 dias atrás
Important 3 points for Torino. Sassuolo and Lazio next. 1 point
TheFLAG2009 9 dias atrás
4 point
Dr. MD ROFIQUE 10 dias atrás
Boring match
Pmaxx titigas
Pmaxx titigas 10 dias atrás
Which team the most kit uniform in whole serie A tim. Please respect my comment.. Notice from philippines!. Mabuhay!
Jefry Setiawan
Jefry Setiawan 10 dias atrás
Forza Toro, from indonesia
Muhammad Subhan
Muhammad Subhan 8 dias atrás
@Джон Коффи i am indonesia, i love milan
Джон Коффи
Джон Коффи 8 dias atrás
@Muhammad Subhan he is Indian
Muhammad Subhan
Muhammad Subhan 8 dias atrás
You indonesia or jawa tengah?
Джон Коффи
Джон Коффи 9 dias atrás
Indonesia love football?
Irfan Maulana
Irfan Maulana 10 dias atrás
I hope Cagliari relegations to serie B hahaha
CwanCwan 10 dias atrás
What's happened with you Cagliari? Come on.
Gabrijel Pavković
Gabrijel Pavković 10 dias atrás
I'm a Cagliari fan. It's sad to see what's happening in to club... so many promises but nothing more than that. I still belive we will servive, but this was a massive chance for us... our main problem is our attack, we don't concede a lot of goals but we score almost none lately. I hope things change. Forza Casteddu! ❤💙
Gabrijel Pavković
Gabrijel Pavković 9 dias atrás
@Filippo Senes we conceded 11 in the last 8 games... when I said we don't concede a lot of goals, I meant lately. For me the bigger problem is the fact that we scored only 2 goals in these 8 games 🤯🤯
Filippo Senes
Filippo Senes 9 dias atrás
Bro.. we conceed about 2 goals per game wym
Mr. Rithesh Brahmavar
Mr. Rithesh Brahmavar 10 dias atrás
I love to see Cragno as Gianluigi Donnarumma's deputy in AC Milan. ❤🖤 He is such a great player. Surely deserve to play for big clubs
So-seal Moore
So-seal Moore 10 dias atrás
Finally Torino get a win.
Raphael De Fabritiis
Raphael De Fabritiis 10 dias atrás
Di questo passo il Cagliari rischia la retrocessione , Di Francesco ha le ore contate ...
Sadistic Peace
Sadistic Peace 10 dias atrás
after 5 consecutive draws, Torino finally did it and won a match
Ripardo Teixeira
Ripardo Teixeira 10 dias atrás
Look at cragno's amazing save, he doesn't deserve to stay in Cagliari's, should be ar a giant team already
Ripardo Teixeira
Ripardo Teixeira 10 dias atrás
Why is Simeone a main player? Dude wastes every chance
Muhammad Aji
Muhammad Aji 10 dias atrás
Jngan sampek degradasi lagi torino Ayo bangkit
DjCotes Musik
DjCotes Musik 10 dias atrás
Cragno is 🔥🔥
Peshawa Fadhil
Peshawa Fadhil 10 dias atrás
Congratulations to Torino they have performed well lately. Alessio Crango is the best Italian goal keeper only second to Dunnaroma, I hope he'll join a big team next season.
Peshawa Fadhil
Peshawa Fadhil 8 dias atrás
@Mr. Rithesh Brahmavar I agree with you like totally.
Mr. Rithesh Brahmavar
Mr. Rithesh Brahmavar 10 dias atrás
If Cagliari relegated and if Milan to play in UCL. Then Milan should purchase him in cut piece deal ❤🖤
Giuliano Saluri
Giuliano Saluri 10 dias atrás
I’d love to see Cragno take the rains for handanovic at inter
꧋ꦢꦩꦂ꧉ 10 dias atrás
complimenti Torino 🐂
Arbenit Krasniqi
Arbenit Krasniqi 10 dias atrás
Arbenit Krasniqi
Arbenit Krasniqi 10 dias atrás
KENNY Santos Afonseca
KENNY Santos Afonseca 10 dias atrás
Roman K
Roman K 10 dias atrás
Cragno come to Inter 🔵⚫
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 10 dias atrás
Cagliari has so many stars and are failing. Not even Asamoah can help that sinking ship
Gabrijel Pavković
Gabrijel Pavković 10 dias atrás
Asamoah didn't play at all so far, still waiting for his debut.
Sergej_Milinkovic Savic
Lazio 1-0 Gagliari Gagliari 0-1 Atalanta Torino 1-0 Gagliari 3 match consécutifs sans marque de but
30 000 Suscriptores con videos
Estoy totalmente segura que la persona que Lee esto va a ser mi exitosa en todo lo que haga
Stardog UK
Stardog UK 10 dias atrás
Muchas gracias. Espero que tengas una buena noche
30 000 Suscriptores con videos
La persona que se detuvo a leer esto que dios lo bendiga
Michelle - Porn STARS ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ
I love your persistence. Giving up is not in your vocabulary.
DeBuDDi 10 dias atrás
nice 3 point from away
Septian Azhar
Septian Azhar 10 dias atrás
Cagliari’s performance is similar with Newcastle United on epl this season
TheBicho CR7
TheBicho CR7 10 dias atrás
They that bad
Cinclus 10 dias atrás
The two most underperforming teams in Serie A this season
Cinclus 9 dias atrás
@TOMMY I would say Cagliari and Torino have better squads than Parma, even though also Parma have underperformed massively of course
Erwin Alexander
Erwin Alexander 10 dias atrás
@TOMMY Parma is not underperforming. They over performed on the 1st half of last season but returned to their real quality in the 2nd. They would've been relegated last season if the points were only tallied on the 2nd half.
TheBicho CR7
TheBicho CR7 10 dias atrás
@Myday Mylife Udinese are right were they need to be
Myday Mylife
Myday Mylife 10 dias atrás
Udinese too
TOMMY 10 dias atrás
You forgot about Parma..
AleG 10 dias atrás
As a cagliari fan this hurts, why are they so bad.
Ateo forever
Ateo forever 10 dias atrás
They eat too much goat cheese...
EdElFigo l 液体
EdElFigo l 液体 10 dias atrás
I genuinely have no idea, they were ranked as high as 8th at the start of the season by bookies, them getting relegated would be the biggest shock of the season
Heavenly Dream Music
Heavenly Dream Music 10 dias atrás
FORZA TORO from Poland
Dinglimatt channel
Dinglimatt channel 10 dias atrás
Younes Bougarba
Younes Bougarba 10 dias atrás
Cagliari going down. What a shame they're so unlucky
Gabrijel Pavković
Gabrijel Pavković 10 dias atrás
Cagliari aren't down yet. But they are very unlucky this season...
Allie* SECR3T ViD3O * Live !!! Now -*-
What are you doing right now?
The Goat
The Goat 10 dias atrás
Come on radja
ANNA FF 10 dias atrás
Milano ⚠️
MIDO H2 10 dias atrás
الله يلاقيك بميمتك فالجنة أن شاء الله الى دخلتي لعندي 😭
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EM PROVA 2 - A foto (EPISÓDIO 8)
Visualizações 999 mil