Bologna 0-1 Inter | Lukaku Helps Inter Maintain Strong Form | Serie A TIM 

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A first half goal from Romelu Lukaku was enough for Inter to see off Bologna and maintain their advantage at the top of the league | Serie A TIM
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3 Abr 2021



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Comentários 100   
szewei1985 6 dias atrás
Inter running away again
Raul Argueta
Raul Argueta 10 dias atrás
Inter Campeón de la Serie A
Raul Argueta
Raul Argueta 10 dias atrás
Inter Campeón de la Serie A
Alparslan Korkmaz
Alparslan Korkmaz 11 dias atrás
Vicki Kelly
Vicki Kelly 12 dias atrás Ognuno di noi capisce la cosa ovvia: il percorso innovativo che abbiamo scelto parla delle possibilita di un sistema di formazione del personale che risponda alle esigenze urgenti. Proprio come l'agenda economica di oggi crea i presupposti per un modello di sviluppo.Tuttavia, non va dimenticato che l'analisi semantica dell'opposizione esterna e un interessante esperimento per testare lo sviluppo graduale e coerente della societa! A proposito, gli studi moderni, replicati da fonti straniere, aggiungono solo differenze di fazione e vengono verificati tempestivamente. したがって、将来のプロジェクトの高品質のプロトタイプは、社会の段階的かつ順次的な開発を実装する独立した方法を前提としています。長期計画が好ましい見通しの可能性について語っているのと同じように。
Stocky Guru
Stocky Guru 12 dias atrás
Congratulations intermilan Serie A champions
Peter 12 dias atrás
‘ The moment you left United The world once will recognize u again‘ jesse lingard
Lola Melola
Lola Melola 13 dias atrás
Lukaku - Lautaro - Alexis = unstoppable
Lola Melola
Lola Melola 13 dias atrás
Muhammad ibra
Muhammad ibra 13 dias atrás
Lukaku pemain terbaik inter ❤️👍
Olatunde Idris Oparemi
Olatunde Idris Oparemi 13 dias atrás
Richard Dizon
Richard Dizon 13 dias atrás
I'm a Ronaldo, Pirlo and Juve fan, but I'm happy to see Lukaku and Inter Milan win this year's scudetto. They're unstoppable!!!🚄💨
yong yongyot
yong yongyot 13 dias atrás
ELWOPPO2010 13 dias atrás
Rumours are Muriel will join next season. Imagine Muriel, Lautero and Lukaku? All three are capable of 20+ goals each.... That would be awesome. With Barella, Sensi, Bastoni, Skrinier and Hakimi you have some great young talents for years to come too 👍
Erfan Rofiki
Erfan Rofiki 14 dias atrás
Inter scudetto 🔥
berASN 14 dias atrás
siapapun pokoknya jangan juve lagi yang juara 😎
Forza Inter milano
Forza Inter milano 14 dias atrás
This season we claim serie a title and next season we will try to win the champions league 🖤💙🖤💙
mikha ardi
mikha ardi 14 dias atrás
Dont sell lukaku!
COGHAN HURINT 14 dias atrás
Juve itu harusnya main seperti inter,.agar cr7 itu bisa berbahaya,.bola di umpan aja ke gawang pasti cr7 akan siap terima
Wolf JV
Wolf JV 14 dias atrás
I hope juve loses against Napoli on Wednesday and Inter win, that’ll be fantastic!!!
Alirio Benavides Valencia
Saludos mister Ford perfecto viento en popa.
MisterGiraMondo 14 dias atrás
La solita Inter di m***a. Che piacere c’è nel vincere giocando sempre male? Potrebbe essere lo sopt della squdra neroazzurra: Inter, facciamo pena dal 1908
DEE DUBZ 14 dias atrás
Bara Online
Bara Online 14 dias atrás
Lukaku 👏 😮
Imam Romeo
Imam Romeo 14 dias atrás
I hope conte stay for a long season in inter. Don change the winning team, please....Inter
Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary
Imagine Christian vieri Baggio lukaku and Ronaldo upfront.
023achilles 14 dias atrás
The 9 game winning streak coincides almost exactly with Eriksen's introduction to the 1st team. This wasn't his finest game, but if you watched, you would see that Conte had VERY conservative instructions for Young and Eriksen today. Almost no forward runs. That is why when Bastoni surges forward, Eriksen actually stays behind. I reckon it was with a view to the upcoming next 2 games. If Inter win both of em, Juve and Milan will be SERIOUSLY demoralized. This is a real team, even the likes of Ranocchia, Young, D'Ambrosio and Darmian are keen to play their (bit) parts.
Lazughi 14 dias atrás
which version of Lukaku is the "prime Lukaku" inter or everton?
Classic Moment
Classic Moment 14 dias atrás
romelu is key man for inter he should be a world class player
Andry Pratama
Andry Pratama 14 dias atrás
Pranvera Brame
Pranvera Brame 14 dias atrás
Me florin dhe enin
Varun Akut
Varun Akut 14 dias atrás
Lukaku is turning into Adriano. Impressive.
Pranvera Brame
Pranvera Brame 14 dias atrás
Dita kur erdhi hallo keta
Rosita Tobing
Rosita Tobing 14 dias atrás
Inter is only a kitty in euro club competition.
Olvyn Mirza
Olvyn Mirza 14 dias atrás
There's no need red card or penalty drama like the other milan club, this milan club just keep on winning...!! 😆🤣🤭 Forza Inter !!! 💪🏻👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻
EMİR TUĞRA 14 dias atrás
Renato Galego
Renato Galego 15 dias atrás
Forte interesse de milao
Savage Xavier
Savage Xavier 15 dias atrás
Lukaku the legend*
Miche Sol
Miche Sol 15 dias atrás
Lukaku mr le but, forza inter. Oleki bango, zlatan tala niveau.
Purnama Sakti
Purnama Sakti 15 dias atrás
Champions 🔥🎉
Kairzhan Barinov
Kairzhan Barinov 15 dias atrás
aaron 15 dias atrás
Conte is a serial winner, you have to give it to him.
Vadym Kindsfater
Vadym Kindsfater 15 dias atrás
Gascoigne 6
Gascoigne 6 15 dias atrás
Inter has no rivals this year cuz Milan Juve and the others behind are not doing so well.. it's Inter 's year
Fadi Nugroho
Fadi Nugroho 15 dias atrás
Romelu lukaku 👍👍👍
سامي انتر
سامي انتر 15 dias atrás
Vismay Gupta
Vismay Gupta 15 dias atrás
It is astonishing to realise that Conte was on the verge of leaving the team !
Vismay Gupta
Vismay Gupta 15 dias atrás
Lukaku, Young, Sanchez, Darmian will win Serie A and Man Utd will win nothing. Erikson will win Serie A and Tottenham will probably win nothing (League cup at most if they beat Man City in the final)
Tony 15 dias atrás
Inter Rubba
ngadiman DUDULZ
ngadiman DUDULZ 15 dias atrás
Genesis 15 dias atrás
I wish Chelsea had kept Conte...biggest mistake the ever made
Dedi Saputra
Dedi Saputra 15 dias atrás
BASTONI and ranochia
M42 13UN
M42 13UN 15 dias atrás
Semua bekerja keras berjuang setengah mampus naik Podium puncak klasemen melewati: Pandemi Covid-19, pertandingan mewakili negara, dan krisis mental dipenyisihan Champions dan Eropa League. Sejauh ini, tampak jelas perbedaan taktik serta keberuntungan antara Conte dan Spaleti. Ketika Spaleti saat itu pelatih, inkonsisten selalu membuat kekecewaan fans. Dengan slogan Im Milano, semoga Scudetto musim ini milik KITA. #IM_INTER #FORZAINTER #INTER_ID
animeanime 15 dias atrás
IM inter IM winner IM ....😍😍😍
Błażej Łoboda
Błażej Łoboda 15 dias atrás
Kto jest z Polski 🇵🇱🇵🇱
Ross Smith
Ross Smith 15 dias atrás
🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪 lukaku 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪
Samurai F1
Samurai F1 15 dias atrás
Forza Inter!!
Mario Carlos
Mario Carlos 15 dias atrás
Lukaku homem Gol 👏👏👏
LUCA SABBATINI 15 dias atrás
Lukaku made the difference this year...
Tarek Mettali
Tarek Mettali 15 dias atrás
First title since 2010 dear broadcaster! Forza INTER!
X X 15 dias atrás
BIG ROM 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
Yus Sukman
Yus Sukman 15 dias atrás
Tiamo inter
Hip-Hopol 15 dias atrás
ya quiero ver un inter vs barca. la venganza de vidal y sanchez.
Francisco Javier Mena Girón
🖤💙 Inter on the way to their first title in 10 years 🖤💙 ✔️ 8 points more than Milan with one game less. ✔️ 10 points more than Atalanta with one game less. ✔️ 12 points more than Juventus with the same games.
Fightrec 15 dias atrás
Inter really stepping up May become a fear
zndstorm 15 dias atrás
alexis titular contetumare
Genjik Joko
Genjik Joko 15 dias atrás
Forza inter
Yurchik 9
Yurchik 9 15 dias atrás
Interista 15 dias atrás
lotus esprit
lotus esprit 15 dias atrás
Lukaku is such a great player Zlatan I. should learn with this player.
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen 15 dias atrás
Cool RL9 ! Inter Champ2021.
Dark&lovely Semple
Dark&lovely Semple 15 dias atrás
Lukaku is a boss
ЗингаЛанга. 15 dias atrás
Интер Respect Bologna Respect
K Ahmed
K Ahmed 15 dias atrás
Conte has taken a bunch of players no one wanted and turned their careers around. He deserves so much credit as a manager.
speak up
speak up 15 dias atrás
Lukaku was right ✅living Man United.. he is absolutely 💯amazing to watch..
Cristo pher
Cristo pher 15 dias atrás
Sin Alexis no ganan !!! Conte aún no lo deja jugar todos el partido no tiene criterios !! Alexis Sánchez leyenda !!!🇨🇱🇨🇱🔥🔥
Rick Hunter
Rick Hunter 15 dias atrás
What a save though, unlucky from the GK.
Single Man
Single Man 15 dias atrás
Inter the Champions of Calcio 2020 /2021
goku the great
goku the great 15 dias atrás
Welcome back to Chelsea
Betta avatar gordon
Betta avatar gordon 15 dias atrás
Froza inter 💙💙
Alex Del Portillo
Alex Del Portillo 15 dias atrás
Per l'Inter è difficile perdere il campionato
Shaq758 15 dias atrás
Scudetto incoming
Azrul Hafiz
Azrul Hafiz 15 dias atrás
Inter is focused and ready for the Scudetto
Adem Bağış
Adem Bağış 15 dias atrás
Şampiyon 💙🖤
Leomar Antonio Pérez López
lukaku el mejor
Kratos The Real God
Kratos The Real God 15 dias atrás
inter and milan are same as previous years, its just juve not playing with heart, i dont think any of milan teams still on juve level(when playing serious), enjoy this year, next year scudetto will come back where it belongs
Didi Setyawan
Didi Setyawan 15 dias atrás
Keep calm
Navy Opa
Navy Opa 15 dias atrás
Bastoni and Barella are amazing this season. Pity that Sensi is so injury prone so Conte can't count on him. Chiesa is a beast as well. Italy has a bright future. Forza Inter Sempre!
muslimin min
muslimin min 15 dias atrás
Inter no mero uno.. Mantap
andri yuwono
andri yuwono 15 dias atrás
Inter Juara Musim Ini 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
DNM9 15 dias atrás
You can’t stop the shineee
Football mania channel
Football mania channel 15 dias atrás
fjorni zani
fjorni zani 15 dias atrás
Forza Inter⚫🔵⚫🔵⚫🔵
Tengku Syafiq
Tengku Syafiq 15 dias atrás
Lukaku was so underrated player.. Glad to see he leave MUnkey and make a successful career in inter..
Tengku Syafiq
Tengku Syafiq 15 dias atrás
Officially im wanna say inter gonna win serie a this season.. No doubt about it🔥
Mode Senyap Official
Mode Senyap Official 15 dias atrás
Arif Cobain 91
Arif Cobain 91 15 dias atrás
Pat 15 dias atrás
INTER INFAME! Forza napoli wuagliu
D. M.
D. M. 15 dias atrás
I gobbi e i bbilanisti impazziscono 😂😂😂
Lap Lap Ricky Fung
Lap Lap Ricky Fung 15 dias atrás
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